New Year’s Resolutions for Development Practitioners

The Center for Global Development has a great posting called: Ten Zero-Cost Ideas for Development Progress in 2011.  Click on the 2011 link to read their foreign policy suggestions.

I think it’s fantastic idea to have some aspirations for 2011.  Here are three suggested resolutions for development practitioners.

1) Get feedback (no matter how informal) from your clients/beneficiaries at least four times this year and commit to following through on an improvement in 2011.

2 ) Take time out at least once a quarter to write up an idea.  Use this time to think through a problem or issue that has been nagging you.  Focus on any issue, for example: how to deal with a difficult personality in the office,  how to revamp an indicator that is not quit right or even what your organization should be doing in order to stay relevant.   Writing will organize your thoughts and provide a solid basis for action.

3) Network.  It is easy to get into the groove of doing the work, taking care of home or putting out fires. Networking can be a rejuvenating experience as you share ideas and just get exposed to more than the world you have created for yourself. Linkedin groups are a great way to start.  You can join a local professional group or just reach out to a recent contact and have coffee.  Great ideas and unexpected support in times of need may appear.

Hope these three things spark ideas about what you like to do professionally in 2011.  Well see in December if I was able to keep to them!


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