So what is it you actually do?

It’s not so much about a revelation at the big picture level.  It’s about the sublties of how people are actually practicing development in different contexts.

This thought came up in a conversation with an ADB staff member discussing the different development methodologies and theories out there.  It got me thinking, how are people actually practicing development?  Are people moving more slowly, taking the time to listen, to think before they speak, hear before they act?

Do they use their own “transformative” tools within their own organizations?

Or is it about vision?  Is every man, woman and child out there making his/her mark with a vision of how things should be?  What’s happening people?  What’s going on in your day to day lives?

Mine is a simple Venn diagram.  There is what the beneficiaries want, there is what the client wants, there is what my boss wants, and there is what the stakeholders want.  Then there is me.  A young lady with a magnifying glass working frantically to find the shared space in the middle and getting people to act with in it.


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