Caregiver Kits – HIV/AIDS Support

Thanks to Amanda for the heads up on this programme and Debbie the World Vision rep who’s been helping Amanda get her Young Adult Service Group involved.

World Vision has 41,000 community volunteers in Africa who are providing solace to people with HIV/AIDS. Volunteers check up on people during the day and provide them with what comfort and emotional support they can. A lot of the volunteers are HIV positive themselves and lack resources to administer to the sick. So less than a year ago World Vision created this ‘Caregiver Kit’ to provide volunteers in Africa, Asia and Latin America with the supplies they need to provide physical comfort.

”I have four clients who need my care and support. If I choose to resign and give up the fight, who would take care of them?” – from the World Vision website.

The kit contains such basic items like: washcloths, latex gloves, cotton balls, antibacterial soap, anti-fungal cream, notebooks, pens and petroleum jelly.

What’s nice about this project is that it’s supporting people who helping others live with some dignity while the rest of us struggle with larger issues and policies. I like anything that smacks of impact not matter how simple it is.

World Vision is looking to their expand the program to Armenia, Vietnam and Haiti. Amanda would like to see what she can do to get a spike in donations for world AIDS month in December. Kits are USD25 and you can buy them online.

Check out the HIV/AIDS test as well on World Vision it’s one of those, you think you know but you have no idea. There is also a short movie.


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